Humanscale Quickstand Eco

Lead Time: 4-5 Weeks

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand desk solutions.

Sleeker, easier to use and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, our adjustable standing desk solutions are a vast improvement over the current generation of sit/stand surfaces. The award-winning QuickStand Eco features simple setup, portability and near effortless adjustability — transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.


  • 35lb Main Assembly Weight capacity
  • Designed to accommodate users of varying heights with 18.6” of work surface adjustment. 
  • Minimal footprint allows for more use of the desktop area
  • There are no knobs or levers to adjust - Humanscale's Continuous Force™ self-locking mechanism keeps the equipment safe and stable while you work.
  • Monitor height raises along with the keyboard/laptop surface.
  • Monitor height also has 5.5"H of independent range.

Practical for home and corporate offices, this revolutionary product helps you bring ergonomic comfort and wellness right to your workspace.

Warranty: 5 Years
Product Weight:
     Laptop 38.5 lbs. (17.5 kg)
     Single Monitor 42.3 lbs. (19.2 kg)
     Dual Monitor 45 lbs. (20.5 kg)
Dimensions: 28.1" H x 28” W x 29.2” D
Work Surface: 30" W (762mm) x 19" D (480mm)
     Cont. Minimum Desk Required - 29"
Vertical Monitor Adjustment 5"
Total Height Range 18.6"