About Us

Since 1984 Ducky's has been providing the pacific northwest with the best values in office furniture and related services.

Why Ducky's Office Furniture?

Because we make buying office furniture easy.

First, we know what we are doing. With over 30 years of experience, you can count on our knowledgeable staff to help you through the entire buying process from design to product choice to final installation.

Second, we listen to our clients. If you have a budget, we stick to it. If we believe you are making a mistake you will regret, we would rather say something and risk losing a sale, than sell something that we know won't work.

Third, we only sell what we believe in. Solutions that represent the best value in office furniture. We don’t sell or “push” specific items because they cost more, or because we are beholden to a manufacturer – we sell what we like.

Finally, we offer the best value proposition in our industry. From free design and space-planning assistance to affordable delivery and installation by our in-house crew. We don’t nickel and dime our clients with “project management” fees or “design” fees.

Our Story

Every legacy has an origin story and ours all began with Herman Feinstein. Retirement had finally come for Herman and along with it came a startling discovery: retirement was boring! Although this new season of life did not bring the golf-filled days of leisure he expected, returning to a grueling work schedule was equally unappealing. There had to be a happy medium. Herman partnered with Howard Michel, and with a combined 60 years of furniture experience, decided to start 9to5 Office Furniture: an office furniture store with comfortable hours, a laid-back atmosphere, and to be honest, a place for Herman to smoke his pipe while chatting with business people. Ditch the sales tactics for friendly conversations and don’t just treat customers right; treat them as friends and just solve their furniture problems in an easy fashion. Together, Herman and Howard built a reputable company known for offering quality brands at affordable costs.

Nearly the same year that 9to5 got its start, Buff Winderbaum launched Ducky’s Office Furniture. Buff’s interest in nonsensical 1960’s band names (Iron Butterfly anyone?) and his father’s duck decoys somehow inspired the most well-known name in office furniture in Seattle (and maybe beyond): Ducky’s.

What’s the connection? When Buff wanted to transition from furniture to new career as a Teacher in 2003, he called his colleagues over at 9to5 to see if they wanted to help continue the Ducky’s name, which of course, they did.

Today – after three generations, several relocations, a name change, and a roster of coast-to-coast satisfied customers – Ducky’s Office Furniture still reflects the heartbeat of 9to5: treat customers as friends, give you more bang for your buck, and save you time and hassle.

While our size and capabilities may have increased dramatically since 9to5, if Herman was still around to walk into our showroom, we are pretty confident he would feel at home.