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Why Choose Ducky's For Your Standing Desks?

(1) Local service, real people. (2) True product expertise. (3) Methodically chosen product representing the best overall value.

Standing Basics

To maximize the usefulness of your standing desk here are some helpful hints!

While it might sound like an up-sell, an anti-fatigue mat for standing is really a must for any standing desk user. A mat helps eliminate sore feet, joints, and allows better circulation.

Next is to make sure that your monitor(s) is at the correct height. Best practice is to have the top 20% or so of your monitor(s) at eye-level. An easy way to do this is with a handy monitor arm. We love monitor arms because the also free-up all the space under your monitor!

Last, take it easy! Start by standing 30-60 minutes at a time, and then adjust your sitting to standing ratio to what feels best. You do burn 40 to 60 more calories per hour standing than sitting!

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